About us

Ray Duffy Lightning Technology specialise in all aspects of Lightning and Surge Protection.
Ray Duffy himself has been involved in Lightning Protection projects as far back as 1992 (in Nigeria for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) and since 1995 in Ireland.
Lightning Protection is considered to be a “black art” by some and its principles are often misunderstood.
We strive to banish any ambiguity or misunderstanding for our customers by guaranteeing that all of our work will be designed and installed in strict accordance with the European Standard for Protection of Structures and their Contents against Lightning EN62305:2006. This standard replaces the old BS6651:1999 standard which has been withdrawn.
The new standard is based on years of scientific research. Advancements in technology and a better understanding of how lightning can cause damage ensure that the correct methods and products are included and alternative or dangerous practices are excluded.

Proper selection and installation of Surge Protection Devices is absolutely fundamental to EN62305 and a system cannot be certified to this standard unless due consideration of surge protection requirements have been addressed in the initial Risk Assessment.

We do not use any equipment or engage in any alternative methodology if it is not clearly enshrined in the above standard.
Our staff are electrically qualified and have been specially trained in the extra requirements necessary to ensure correct installation of all aspects of EN62305.

Recent projects include: click here to close

Survey and Risk Assessment for Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant for RPS Consultant Engineers.
New Expansion Bridge over River Suir Waterford for Bam/Dragados.
Survey and Risk Assessment for RTE in Radio na Gaeltacht.
Various projects for Schering Plough (Avondale) Rathdrum.
Survey and Maintenance for Department of Agriculture (through Operon Ltd).
Installation of Structural and Surge Protection for Tipperary Institute in Thurles.
Design and Consultancy for Martifer (Portugal) who are involved in the construction of Dublin Airport Terminal 2.
Installation of Structural and Surge Protection for Christchurch Cathedral (Dublin,) St Marys Cathedral (Limerick) and Julianstown Church. All for Paul Arnold Architects.
Survey & consultancy for Irish Aviation Authority at Dublin Air Traffic Control Centre.
New Bus Eireann Maintenance Depot for Project Management & Update Technology.
Atlantic Fuel Depot for Roadbridge.
Meath Water Treatment Centres for SIAC.
Schering Plough Hydrogenation plant for Jacobs & Sisk.
Curragh Camp Garages for Department of Defence.

We consider Safety to be at the core of everything we do and all of our staff have been indoctrinated with many of the safety routines experienced by Ray Duffy in spells of employment with IPCO (in Nigeria) and in INTEL.

All staff have SAFE PASS, Manual Handling, MEWP and Use of Harness cards and are regularly requested to attend safety update courses provided by our clients.

Quality accessories and components are also fundamental to everything we do. Only materials purpose made for a particular application are used by us.
All our materials comply with BSEN 50164:-1:2000