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Ray Duffy Lightning Technology provides Lightning and Surge Protection Systems based on proven scientific knowledge and governed by the European standard for Protection of Structures and their Contents against Lightning (EN62305:2006).

We are based in Dunboyne, County Meath in Ireland but operate countrywide and we have also had input into projects overseas.

We are vastly experienced in this field and have an extensive knowledge of Lightning and Surge Protection Systems for many different types of facility including Pharmaceutical Plants, Cathedrals, Stately homes, Fuel Storage depots, University Campuses, Churches, Factories and ordinary domestic dwellings.

Fully compliant with the highest European standards, our sophisticated protection systems ensure the safety of people, preservation of structures and the continued performance of electrical and electronic systems within..

Images Above:Everything from historical buildings such as Christ Church Cathedral Dublin to todays modern structures with critical electrical and electronic systems.